The Parliamentary Budgetary Office (PBO) started working on September 16, 2016. It is made up of two researchers, formerly employed in the Committee for Economy, Finance and Budget, with coordination by the representative of the Westminster Foundation for Democracy in Montenegro.

The work of the office is focused on providing support to delegates in the conduct of parliamentary budget control. Following the practice of the most developed parliaments, the project aims to create a professional core that will enable the Parliament of Montenegro to participate more significantly in the budget cycle, and to assist the MPs so as to have access to analysis and discussion on key budget documents and laws with significant fiscal impacts.

The scope of PBO’s work includes the following activities:

  • Support to members of the Montenegrin Parliament’s Committee for better understanding and understanding issues in the field of economy;
  • Support delegates during the preparation of amendments to the bill on budget;
  • Informing the MPs on Economic and Fiscal Tendencies in Montenegro, including the preparation of summaries of official domestic publications and publications of international institutions;
  • Informing the MPs on the most significant global tendencies in the field of economics and finance;
  • Implementation of research according to a suitable initiative, in accordance with the Framework Work Plan;
  • Promote the work of PBO’s within the Parliament of Montenegro as well as external promotion (eg. participation in conferences, seminars, etc.);
  • Continuous capacity building of PBO through professional training. Particularly important is the education of PBO researchers to enhance and deepen their knowledge, primarily in the field of macroeconomic and fiscal analysis, and the fiscal impact of legislation;
  • Other activities that need to be addressed and which are in line with the goals of establishing a PBO as defined in the Memorandum.

The PBO is available to all MPs, who can submit a research request in accordance with the Rulebook on the Work of the Parliamentary Budget Office.

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